Believe in the Spirit’s power

July 30, 2017 ()

Bible Text: Heidelberg Catechism Lord's Day 20 |

Confession of Dependence upon the LORD
Greeting in the Name of the LORD
Congregational Singing: Hy 47:1, 2
Reading: Isaiah 63:7-19
Singing: Ps 143:1,5,6
God’s Word confessed in Lord’s Day 20
Sermon: Believe in the Spirit's power:
1. to inspire the prophets of God;
2. to prepare temples for God;
Responsive Singing: Hy 50:1,2,3,4
Profession of Faith: Apostles' Creed
Singing: Hy 4:1,2,3
Closing Song: Hy 47:4, 5
Blessing in the Name of the LORD

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