Who is the greatest?
July 23, 2017

Who is the greatest?

Passage: Luke 22: 24-30
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Greeting our Triune God by confession of dependence 
Greeting from our Triune God 
Singing: Ps. 57: 4, 5
The Ten Words of the Covenant
Singing: Ps. 119:7, 24
Reading: Luke 22: 1-30
Singing: Ps. 75:1, 3, 4
Text: Luke 22: 24-30
Sermon read by Brother B. Kottelenberg and written by Rev. W. denHollander, co-pastor of the Canadian Reformed Church at Langley, B.C.
In answering the disciple's question “who is the greatest?” Jesus teaches: 
1. The system of the world
2. The way of the kingdom
3. The reward of the King
Singing: Hy. 38
Singing: Hy. 23
Blessing from our Triune God