March 3, 2019

Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life

Passage: John 11:25,26
Service Type:

Invocation: Calling upon our Triune God
Salutation: Greeting from our Triune God
Singing: Ps. 116:1,2,3,4
The Ten Words of the Covenant
Singing: Ps. 112:1,3,5
Reading:  John 11:1-44
Singing:  Ps. 16:2,4,5
Text: John 11:25,26
Sermon: Jesus is the Resurrection and the Life. We consider
1. The radical nature of this teaching
1. The urgent question with this teaching
Singing: Hy. 68:4,6,7,8
Singing: Hy. 35:1,4
Benediction: Blessing from our Triune God