The Orangeville Canadian Reformed Church was established by immigrants coming from the Netherlands after the Second World War. These immigrants could not find a church where they felt at home. Language played an important role in this but there was also a disagreement with the spiritual direction and doctrine of the Christian Reformed Church and other mainline denominations.

The Orangeville Canadian Reformed Church was instituted on August 13, 1950. In 1960, the congregation began using the present building for worship. The congregation consists of approximately 390 members, of which about 228 are communicant members.

While this review makes clear the Dutch roots of the Canadian Reformed Churches, it is our desire to be a church for all who seek to serve the Lord according to his Word. All our activities are in English. Our confessional documents, though inherited via our Dutch roots, are quite international. One was penned in French (the Belgic Confession), one in German (the Heidelberg Catechism), and only one was penned on Dutch soil (the Canons of Dort). We are confident that anyone who desires to be true to the teaching of the Scriptures as rediscovered in the Reformation of the Sixteenth Century will feel at home. To get a sense of what we do on a Sunday, you are encouraged to read a description of our Worship Services.