Jesus bodily went up into heaven
January 24, 2016

Jesus bodily went up into heaven

Passage: God's Word as summarized in the Heidelberg Catechism Lord's Day 18
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Greeting our Triune God by confession of dependence
Greeting from our Triune God
Singing: Ps. 121:1-4
Reading: John 14:15-31; Acts 1:1-12
Singing: Hy. 38:1-4
Text: Lord’s Day 18
Jesus bodily went up into heaven.
We consider
1. The fact of his ascension
2. Two questions arising from his ascension
3. The triple benefit of his ascension
Singing: Hy. 42:1-6
Confession of Faith: Hy. 1
Singing: Hy. 40:1,3,5
Blessing from our Triune God